Sunday, June 15, 2003


Sometimes I get this feeling that I'm being too nationalist but am I? I dont believe so, because I'm aware of the negetive aspect of the Persian cummunity and i pay attention to little things that can dystroy us. For example, one of the negetive elements in the behavior of a Persian citizin is their way of handeling critisizm. You see, the ultimate goal of critisizm is to reach a unified goal. Persians on the other hand have misunderstood the consept of critisizm. They use this powerful weapon against each other for their own personal benefits. There is a tendecy between us to ignore the points made by our opposition groups!Perhaps a little open mindedness and selfishness could help us all while deciding on important matters!There is an statement by Aristotle which he made in his book published by his son with the name of " NICOMACHEAN ETHICS", i hope that we all learn something from this saying and apply it in our daily lives.
" To criticize a particular subject, a man must have been trained in that subject, to be a good critic generally, he must have had an all-around education.....and it makes no difference whether they are young in years or immature in character: the defect is not a question of time, it is because their life and its various aims are guided by feelings; for to such persons their knowledge is of no use, any more than it is to persons of defective self-restraint." (9, Aristotle)


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