Friday, July 11, 2003

The Customs of Ancient Persians

I participated in a political act a number of days ago, and in doing so I was confronted with an act that could only be taken as an unthoughtful affair, an action that was to be depicted as unity but didn't represent the aim under any circumstances. Consiquently, I conducted an small research in effect to learn something about how ancient Persians treated each other and what was considered right and what was shamed uponed. The result of my research reflected the fact that Pesians were always proud people and it's this excessive proudness and individualistic ideal that always disrupts their unity.
In ancient Greece, people lived a simple life and their many ceremonies which were held for their gods kept them united at all times. The stratification of their society contained 1.God 2.Heroes 3.Man, and the status of all men remained in one level and gods and heroes above them. Persians on the other hand, always lived in a stratified society. There was always an individual who believed that he was ranked higher than another man. As it is depicted in a document, when Persians saw each other in the street they performed different reactions depending on their social prestige. If they were of equal rank, instead of speaking, they kissed each other on the lips. In the case where one was inferior to the other, the kiss was given on the cheek; where the difference of rank was great, the inferior prostrates himself upon the ground. This prejudice wasn't restricted to individuals, they even treated their neighbour countries differently. They honoured most their nearest nighbours, whom they esteem next to themselves; those who live beyond these they honour in the second degree; and so with the remainder, the further they are removed, the less the esteem in which they are held.The reason is that they look upon themselves as very greatly superior in all respects to the rest of mankind, regarding others as approaching to excellence in proportion as they dwell nearer to them; hence it comes to pass that those who are the farthest off must be the most degraded of mankind. To be continues....