Thursday, June 26, 2003

Persians Influence In Poland

During the reign of King Wagner III in Poland a number of rich persians earned power and even went so far as to rule the country. These noble people were called "Szlakhta". The role that they played was specially evident when they chose Jadwiga, (the second doughter of Loui of Hungry, the husband of Wagner III's sister), to become the Queen of Poland. You see, Wagner III had no children and so when he died the country,(Poland), was left to his sister's husband, Loui Of Hungry who was the King of Hungry and treated Poland as one of his provinces. This is when "Szlakhta" really came in to power. They started to rule the country untill a new Queen was elected. Infact, they were the ones who chose Jadwiga as the Queen of Poland, because they wanted to keep their power and influence.
Even later on, Szlakhtas were involve in important decision makings in ruling the country. Apperently Poland was an interest to both Germany and Russia, so they payed 1 member of the Szlakhta during these elections called "Lebero Veto", which meant that even if the vote of one out of the 100 Szlakhta members was inconsistent with the rest of the votes, the members of the parliament did not pass that constitution. This role of Szlakhta specially played a big part while there was an election in Poland and with their help Germany and Russia were able to devide the country in half. Later on the uprisers pinpointed this problem and tried to take away Szlakhtas power which was successful in the long run.