Friday, October 24, 2003

Dinosaur Footprints in Birjand

In the year 2000, forty footprints of dinosaurs, , were discovered on the sedimentary rocks in the north of the city of Birjand. These footprints belong to about 50 million years ago Ali Hassandbady the leader of the archeological group said: “This area was swampy on that time and rocks had plenty of organic materials. The erosion of the upper layer caused the footprints to surf. These footprints belong to the third eon of geology and indicates that this area was suitable for the movement of dinosaurs”. Preliminary studies show a complete harmony between the footprints. They are elliptical and their size is about 42x26 to 12x8 centimeter. Dinosaurs moved in groups and their direction of movement was east to west. The species of the dinosaurs has not yet determined. Also a joint Iranian-Brazilian team discovered a dinosaur tooth and some indetermined bone fragments in Northern Kerman. The discoveries are from red bed attributed to Bidou Formation (Late Jurassic/ Early Cretaceous) in Ab Bid Syncline.



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