Friday, October 24, 2003

The Burnt city

One of the most ancient sites in Iran is The Burnt City, located in the Eastern part of the country, South of Zabol in the region of Sistan. The unexpected appearance & the quick disappearance of the city baffled experts for years. According to the excavations and researches, the Burned City has come to be known as one of the most important proofs of the independence of the eastern part of Iran from Mesopotamia. Judging by the artifacts recovered in the area, the inhabitants seem to have been a race of intelligent people who were both farmers & builders of various crafts. So far no military ware has been discovered, suggesting the peaceful nature of the residents. What is really strange about burnt city is the fact that it has no connection to any other old civilisations in the area, as if it completely came from elsewhere. One of the prominent relics found in the Burned City is a skull that according to the anthropological studies, is the first evidence of brain surgeries in prehistoric Iran. Recent archaeological studies, has led into new discoveries in the architectural style of this city's buildings as well as the finding the biggest pre- historic clothe collection in the Middle East. Even more recently, Burnt City has been identified as one of the most rare ancient cities in which women were in charge of their family's financial affairs!